About Me

I am a mere Christian; I don’t consider myself affiliated with any particular denomination.

At certain time point in my life I was a Coptic Orthodox Christian who practiced all the rituals, customs and complex rites of the Coptic Church (in Egypt).

During the university years, I lost my faith in any god. I became an atheist for about 3 years. And I remember, I wasn’t happy about it. Life at that time was meaningless. But I could not cheat out of it because I tried to keep my honesty and integrity.

Through YHWH’s grace, I was drawn back again to another level of a Christian faith and a personal relationship with HIM through intellect and personal revelations. Thanks to HIM alone, I kept my honesty, integrity and my new faith.

I DO believe in the Triune GOD, and His plan of salvation to all humanity through Jesus Christ, my God, Lord and Savior. My faith was, and still is, through experience (personal relationship with Jesus), supported by the Bible (special revelation) and Nature (general revelation). However, I never quit asking hard questions. And I will fight with YHWH to get answers.

Recently, I immigrated to North America, where I got involved in medical and cancer research. I really liked it. And my research helped me to understand to a better degree the relationship between science and religion; when they interact and when they depart, and how they affect each other.

As a side activity, I got involved in debates with so many Muslims living in the Middle East over the internet (doing debates face to face with them is risky, especially when you have a family). From these debates, I got in-depth knowledge of Islam. And because my native language is Arabic, I had the advantage that so many North Americans lack: first hand knowledge of Islamic scriptures and books.

Now I am living with my family in North America. I love YHWH, my family, my fellow humans, and my research. And I try as much as I can to love everybody, do no harm and trust only a few. I will also not forget my fellow Copts (Egyptian Christians) and other Christians who are still fighting for their lives in the Middle East.

In this blog I will write about my faith, my research, my fellow Copts and analyze the faith of Islam. I will do my best to bridge the EAST (where I come from) to the WEST (where I live).

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