Unholy Alliance: Obama Administration and Muslim Brotherhood

Unholy Alliance: Obama Administration and Muslim Brotherhood

If rumors were true that Obama aided Muslim Brotherhood (MB) with millions, or even billions, of dollars, it would be a disaster. Rumors also have it that Obama’s Administration is pushing for the MB candidate, Morsi, to become the Egyptian president.  If correct, it will be the biggest strategic mistake made by the USA since the Vietnamese war.

Most likely, if true, Obama’s Administration may have two possible reasons to support MB for Egyptian presidency. First, is the bias of Obama himself, being the son of a devout Muslim, towards satisfying the dreams of Muslims to unite into Islamic Umma or Khilafa. The second reason for the less-informed Administration might be to allow the Middle East states to become Muslim states. This will help, they think, to attract back Islamic terrorists into their native countries, thus ridding the west from possible terrorist attacks.

This amazingly, reflects nothing but the inability of the current Administration to understand Muslim mentality. Helping what is called “Arab Spring” to become Islamic states is not going to stop Islamic terrorists from waging war on the West. On the contrary, it will be a more efficient breeding ground for such ideologies of hatred.

Waging Islamic Jihad is not an act of revenge against the West. Many true devout Muslims hate westerners for who they are, not for what they do. It is not about what the Americans (Canadians, Europeans …etc) have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other country. Many of them hate the West for being of Christian in value and culture, and hate Israel for being the state of the Jews. To appease them you have to quit being Christians and Jews and become Muslims (or at least submissive Dhimmis). Then, when Muslims, anything you do will be fine; you can kill, enslave, torture and do every bad thing in the name of Allah.

Political Islam, as defined by Tarek Heggy, and as an organic part of the religion of Islam,

“is anti modernity, anti progress, anti humanity, anti democracy, anti peace, anti otherness, anti plurality, anti women rights, anti liberal education and anti free & critical mind BY DEFINITION. Those who speak about “moderate Muslim Brothers” need a great deal of education about the history, nature and literature of political Islam”.

To Obama Administration: Please, for the sake of freedom and safety of minorities in the Middle East, do not try to clean up the West backyard by exporting Jihadists back to the Middle East. It is not going to help the West, and you are aiding Islamists to commit massacres and atrocities against Middle Eastern Minorities. What your are doing will backlash against you and your citizens in the near future. That is what history teaches.

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