The Copts Being Attacked and Jailed for It!!

The Copts Being Attacked and Jailed for It!!

By I B Barsoum

When Muslims take over the a country, they don’t recognize anybody except themselves, their Islamic law and their religion. On April 19th 2011, a small Egyptian village, Abu Korkas, was plighted with a sectarian strife between native Copts (Christians) and Muslims.

Muslims ransacked Coptic houses and stores, burning and looting Copts’ properties, which triggered Copts to defend themselves. At the end, many Copts were injured, many Christian homes were burned down, many Coptic stores were out of business, and two Muslims were killed. The police arrested couple of dozens of Copts and Muslims alike.

Almost after a year, the trial ended on May 21, 2012 by sentencing 12 Copts to life in prison, while releasing all Muslims as non-guilty. How then all these Christian homes and stores were burned out? May be by Ghosts!!

This injustice is heavier than slaughtering the Copts in the streets. It is a sign of how corrupt a system could be when run by fanatic Muslims. It looks like, the religious discrimination facing Copts in Egypt is not just by the Muslim mobs, but also at the hands of the Islamic judges running the country judiciary system. Many Cops in Abu- Korkas village are now feeling bitterness, as they’re being silenced by the horrible injustice. They are required, by this ruling, to keep silent and not to defend themselves while Muslim mobs attack their families, homes and stores.
Discrimination against Egyptian Christians of Abu Korkas on the basis of their religious affiliation after being subjected to assault, looting and intimidation is not an exceptional event. In Nag Hammadi city in January of 2010, 5 Copts were killed by gunmen while celebrating Christmas in front of their church. The gunmen also killed, by accident, a Muslim who was a security officer for the church. Only one of the gunmen, Al-Kamony, was sentenced to death for killing a fellow Muslim, while the other gunmen were released as non-guilty for killing the Copts.

Native Copts are still under heavy persecution and still demanding equality and fair treatment as equal citizens of Egypt as their fellow Muslims. However, Their cries go unheard either in Egypt, or even in the international community. When would they be heard? May be after it is too late and Egypt gets lost to complete Islamic tyranny. By then, Middle East Peace would be gone, leading to whole world instability.

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