New hopes for cancer are on the way

I came across this video on Youtube. It is about this well-known drug Dichloroacetic acid(DCA). This drug has been tested on mice injected with human cancers, and found to reduce tumor growth.

DCA might be a new hope!!

Cancer cells are resilient to getting killed because over time they adapt to their low oxygen (hypoxic) environment by disturbing their mitochondria (lungs of the cells).  Most likely DCA works by fixing the mitochondria thus sensitising tumors to die if they become hypoxic. In our lab at Queen’s University, we are trying other drugs that interfere with tumor abnormal behavior in hypoxia such as glyceryl trinitrate (GTN). We are getting very promising results where human tumors growth slows down in mice treated GTN patches. May be in the near future we will find a way to stop the harmful effects of cancer. the beauty of this line of drugs like CTN and DCA is their safety and low cost. Pray for us that GOD might guide us to help people afflicted with cancer.

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