Muslim Convert: Why Christ is the Only Way?

Muslim Convert: Why Christ is the Only Way?

By Ibrahim Arafaat*

Question: Ibrahim, come on! Isn’t Islam just as good as Christianity? Why be radical? All paths should lead to God and therefore to Heaven. Allah is love too. Don’t you think?

My answer: If Islam were this good, why did I give it up and suffer homelessness?! The spirit of Islam is one of timidity, fear, oppression, servility where as in Jesus Christ we are not allowed to approach God with any fear because the Bible tells us that perfect love casts out fear. You can’t be a Christian and still afraid of your heavenly Daddy! Islam doesn’t offer you God as a Father. In Islam, you are nothing more than a “slave of Allah” but my Jesus offers you the position of a son/ daughter of the Heavenly Father. Islam is NOT the way to God. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. No one ever comes to the Father except through Christ. After all, it is Jesus’ Father Himself and Jesus has got to be the One who got the keys to His Daddy! Go to Jesus, not to any religion. Without Jesus Christ, you are lost. You will perish without Jesus Christ!!


* An Egyptian Muslim Converted to Christianity and living outside Egypt

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